Life in a London Flat #3

Small green things make my heart soar.

The thing about living in London is that you spend most of your life surrounded by bricks and concrete. The city might be famous for its languid parks that operate like green lungs pumping oxygen into the air, but there is still a lot of pavement to contend with on a daily basis.

The solution is to bring a little green into your home to add life and colour to forgotten corners. Houseplants can become your best friends.

At the moment I have a basil, a miniature rose, a convalescent lavender, and a few sprigs of ivy calling the top of the fridge home.

The rose completely surprised me. I bought her thinking she would be a demanding mistress, like the rose in the Little Prince, but she's turned out to be a wonderful flatmate.  She never asks for more than she receives, and quite literally, seems content to bloom where she's planted.

The basil is also a very easy houseguest.  I forgot to water him the other day, and he never complained. Though he did sulk for a few hours before forgiving me.

I'm starting to root the ivy shoots, as I remembered that I used to love all the ivy plants in our house when I was growing up.  Don't tell anyone, but I stole the shoots from a mass of ivy growing in a neighbour's front garden.

And the lavender? I'm not sure exactly what his issue is.  He was doing fine for weeks (weeks!), and then he suddenly started losing needles and drooping. I'm doing my best to reconcile whatever differences we might have, but worry that I might lose the battle.

The most important thing is that I love the way the air feels cleaner and more alive with them around. They make our little London flat so cheery.

Do you have any favourite houseplants?  Where do they live in your home? 

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  1. I lost so many posts in these months, As always love your photos but the illos are so wonderful:) Happy to hear you are in London, in the pat I lived there only for 3 months but I loved it. I agree with the idea of white for the house walls:) Loved the window illo,then I followed the link to see the New York windows,he's great even if would prefer them not in digital :) Have a nice week :)

  2. I love lavender, I found that moving mine out of direct sunlight and stirring up the soil helped a bit. Also, make sure there's drainage. We put pebbles in the bottom and soil on top. My husband insists that watering it from the bottom (pouring water into the saucer) is how it stays alive. I call this rubbish! haha, perhaps we're both overwatering it but it seems to be working.

    Really, this might be your best bet: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/45810121185211057/ apparently trimming it is important to keeping it alive.

    I feel as though I've just come here and geeked out on lavender knowledge.


    p.s. I never have any luck with basil, so I'm a little jealous. Mine always withers and dies, even when I water it :(

  3. I was thinking maybe you need to repot the lavender. I hope you resolve your differences :)

  4. My "houseplants" live on the patio! It is filled with them, since our apartment is so small for two working (in home) adults! But I really enjoy a cup of hot tea on the patio in the cool of the day! Maybe even breakfast out there!


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