Hi there! And welcome to my little corner of the internet.  It's a noisy world out there, so please come in, sit down, put up your feet. I'll make you a cup of coffee (or would you prefer tea?).  

There, now we're comfortable. 

My name is Jane.  My middle name starts with A... it might be Adventure. :-) 

I'm never sure where to call home, perhaps this blog is as close as it gets.  

I was born in Swaziland (that's a tiny country in southern Africa), but moved to Canada when I was a baby.  I grew up in a tiny prairie town where everyone knew everyone, and we liked it that way.  It was a perfect childhood, lots of running through the fields, catching frogs in the streams, and in winter, tobogganing down our one hill.  

But after I finished University, it felt like a very small place; I wanted more. 

So I moved across the ocean to continue my art studies in London.  I made new friends, I hung out in fantastic art galleries, I spent hours pouring over books in libraries.  It was my perfect life.  The only thing missing was my handsome prince. 

Cue laughter from the universe.  

I met him, my love, in London.  We held hands and walked along the Thames, dreaming of our life together.  

And of course, he was from South Africa.  

I had come full circle.  

Now, I spend my time bouncing between Winnipeg, London and Cape Town; three cities, three continents, two hemispheres.  

This blog is about my journey as an artist, and as a human.  Art, true art, is about trying to find one's way in the darkness.  It's about embracing the unknown, even celebrating it. For it is in the unknown that we encounter the mysterious. 

So why not come with me on the journey?  We'll encounter enchanted woods and monsters, but I promise, we'll make it through in one piece, and with rich stories to tell.  And laughter, lots of laughter .

I promise to share all the ups and downs, and any secrets to charming the sphinx that I may have learned along the way. 

I blog once a week.